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Anne J. Gilliland

Anne J. Gilliland, Associate Dean for Information Studies
Anne J. Gilliland
Anne J. Gilliland

Anne Gilliland's extensive career in research and teaching addresses the history, nature, human impact, and technologies associated with archives, recordkeeping and memory, particularly in translocal and international contexts. A Fellow of the Society of American Archivists and recipient of numerous awards in archival and information studies, she has held Honorary Research Fellow appointments with the Centre for Global Research, RMIT University in Melbourne, the University of Liverpool Department of History and the Humanities Advanced Technology and Information Institute, University of Glasgow. She has served as a NORSLIS (Nordic Research School in Library and Information Science) Professor at Tampere University, Finland; Lund University, Sweden; and the Royal School, Denmark. She has also taught courses as a visiting faculty member at Renmin University of China and the University of Zadar, Croatia.

Teaching and Research Interests
Research Center


  • Professor of Information Studies
  • Director, Center for Information as Evidence


  • M.A. in English Language and Literature, Trinity College, University of Dublin
  • M.S. and C.A.S. in Library and Information Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Ph.D. in Information and Library Studies, University of Michigan

Select Publications

  • Hovhannisyan, Marianna and Anne J. Gilliland. "Displaced, Un-placed, Re-placed: Armenian Archives and Archival Imaginaries in the US," invited book chapter for Displaced Archives, vol. 2, James Lowry, ed. (Routledge, 2021).
  • Gilliland, Anne J. "Sustaining Identity and Peacebuilding through Community Archives," Eoin MacNeill Lecture, Irish Manuscript Commission (2021).
  • Carbone, Kathy, Anne J. Gilliland, Sue McKemmish and Greg Rolan. “Towards a Framework of Human Rights in Records: A Critical Analysis and Comparison of Two Contexts,” iConference 2021.
  • Yin, Zhanyuan, Lizhou Fan, Huizi Yu, and Anne J. Gilliland. “Using a Three-step Social Media Similarity (TSMS) Mapping Method to Analyze Controversial Speech Relating to COVID-19 in Twitter Collections,” Proceedings of IEEE Big Data 2020, December 2020.