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Prospective Students

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Prospective Students

What You Will Learn

A degree in Education and Social Transformation will give students multiple perspectives on the world and how it relates to education. At the heart of the department is a commitment to diversity, pluralism, and social justice. Our program offers interdisciplinary perspectives, including from the fields of developmental psychology, sociology, and comparative education. It will also include a strong component in educational research and evaluation, preparing students for both future graduate study as well as for their careers. Students in the Education and Social Transformation major will learn the following:

Ability to Analyze Education in Social and Political Contexts with an understanding of:

  • The educational landscape in our country
  • The science of learning and human development in educational settings
  • Education and educational institutions in social, cultural, and historical contexts and the impact of these contexts on educational ideals and practices, and on society as a whole
  • Organizational cultures and dynamics and the ability to analyze and critique global, national, and local educational policies for effective leadership in promoting equity and liberation rather than stratification and oppression

Skills for Effecting Change

  • How to interpret social data and research and to critically evaluate research studies.
  • How to apply these understandings to imagine, assess, and implement solutions to specific problems in education.
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