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Incident Resolution

The UCLA School of Education & Information Studies is dedicated to creating an institutional culture of advocacy and accountability; one that is in line with UCLA Ed&IS' commitment to scholarly rigor, social justice, inclusiveness, and democratic practice. This institutional imperative requires that we not only instill these values in our teaching and learning, but in our organizational practices as well. Below you will learn more about our committment to accountability and UCLA Ed&IS Incident Resolution Process.
Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Ambassador program

UCLA Ed & IS is developing an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Ambassador program. The EDI Ambassadors will serve as a new integral part of our community-based approach to conflict resolution; the EDI Ambassadors will serve as guides, support systems, and mandated reporters for EDI-related concerns and incidents within the School of Education and Information Studies. These Ambassadors will work with the appropriate people concerned to work through your complaint. Oftentimes, working through incident resolution as an internal process can resolve the situation. EDI Ambassadors have been trained to support the concerns and complaints process.

Over the course of the summer, we will be sharing the details of the program. Until that time, please refer to the process steps below for incident resolution

UCLA Ed&IS Incident Resolution Process

Issuing an Incident Report: The Step-by-Step Process

Campus and System-Wide Resources

There are many support services available to those within the broader UCLA community who seek external guidance.

UCLA Ed&IS Committee on Race and Ethnic Relations, Winter 2014

The Committee on Race and Ethnic Relations went through a rigorous process of discussion, reflection, and revision to produce the recommendations included in this Report. This report served as an equity, diversity, and social justice roadmap for the UCLA Ed & IS community. The inception of the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee comes from the recommendations of this report.

Continuous Improvement: Striving to do better