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Creating opportunities that change lives

An ecosystem of K-12 teaching schools where UCLA can partner to develop, study, share, and advance innovative best practices.
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UCLA Lab School
The mission of UCLA Lab School is to promote innovation and excellence in education through research, outreach, and teaching and learning. UCLA Lab School is dedicated to addressing the needs of children from diverse backgrounds and values teaching and learning environments that honor each child’s natural joy of learning. The campus serves as a laboratory for exploring innovative ideas about teaching, learning, and child development. The results of our studies are shared through collaborations with educators from other schools, through conferences, workshops and site visits, and in print publications and other media. Through this mix of strategies, UCLA Lab School teaching practices and research outcomes have been widely shared with schools across the globe.
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UCLA Community School
The UCLA Community School is the first in a series of Teaching Schools established by UCLA. These K-12 partner schools serve much the same role as the teaching hospital system that transformed our nation’s medical practices. Recognized in March 2015 by the State of California as a model of innovation in higher education, UCLA’s Teaching Schools are designed to create, evaluate, and demonstrate innovative instructional strategies; to help shape stronger teacher education programs; to serve as sites for training future and current educational professionals. When UCLA CS opened in 2009, UCLA Chancellor Gene Block noted the school’s impact would extend far beyond a single neighborhood. As a vibrant site for research-practice partnerships, the school maintains an active program of systematic inquiry that informs practice, ensures accountability, and creates generalizable knowledge about schooling.
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Mann UCLA Community School
Mann UCLA Community School began in 2017 as a Los Angeles Unified School District/UCLA partnership, to bring together the resources of the school, family and community to help young people thrive and make families and communities stronger in the South Los Angeles area. The school’s mission is to challenge old assumptions, remove barriers to learning and reshape the way we think about public education.
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The UCLA TIE-INS program strives to expand University and K-12 school partnerships that respect and strengthen each school's capacity to improve student learning and achievement. The principals and teachers work collaboratively to identify individual and collective needs of our partner schools and match UCLA resources to enhance the learning opportunities that ultimately benefit all students. The collaboration enables children of UCLA employees who live outside the attendance area to go to these eight public schools. In exchange, UCLA—with guidance from the schools’ leaders—provides assistance and enrichment in support of high achievement for all students in these schools. The TIE-IN schools: Beethoven Street Elementary School, Broadway Elementary School, Brockton Avenue Elementary School, Braddock Drive Elementary School, Nora Sterry Elementary School, Emerson Community Charter Middle School, Mark Twain Middle School, University High School Charter, Venice High School.