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Addressing Real World Change through Excellence
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We are two departments united under the banner of knowledge, dedicated to challenging systems that create inequity in 21st century education and information fields.


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UCLA Ed&IS students believe in imagination over convention. They see education and information as extrapersonal pursuits and approach scholarship with an eye on the universal potential of evolving how we learn, teach and research.

Dept. of Ed

Department of Education

The UCLA Ed&IS Department of Education is forever championing diversity of thought, social justice, and the democratization of knowledge. It is our belief that education can transform and advance culture.
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Department of Education
  • An undergraduate degree from UCLA's Department of Education is often the beginning of a lifelong journey in excellence. Our students major in Education and Social Transformation or minor in Education Studies and graduate with heightened intellect and social integrity, fully prepared to take whatever their chosen next step may be.
  • The Department’s groundbreaking research, innovative practices, and award-winning faculty attract prospective students who care deeply about improving the quality of, and access to, education in their communities and worldwide. The Department is known as a leader in the study and practice of urban education, student testing and assessment, teacher and continuing education and development–particularly in urban, multi-ethnic environments, early childhood development, and issues of access, equity, and quality facing K-12 and higher education.

Dept. of IS

Department of Information Studies

The UCLA Ed&IS Department of Information Studies is a powerhouse in an increasingly vital field and a leading architect of the agenda for how information is disseminated and deployed in the 21st century.
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Department of Information Studies
  • Information Studies offers a number of courses that provide undergraduate students with a blend of conceptual and theoretical knowledge and practical, hands-on laboratory experiences. Classes provide a solid foundation in contemporary library and information studies theory, information seeking and retrieval skills, and information technology. In the laboratory environment, students have opportunities to apply their theoretical insights and practical skills to real world problems and situations.
  • The Department is home to UCLA’s iSchool. The international iSchool community is dedicated to advancing the information fields. iSchools promote an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the opportunities and challenges of information management, with a core commitment to concepts like universal access and user-centered organization of information.
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