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Department of Education

Changing the face and fate of education for all.
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Uplifting Knowledge

Through scholarship, teaching, institution, and community, our Department of Education prepares tomorrow’s leaders to fearlessly pursue the incredible potential of an educational system that embraces and adapts to difference. We train educators and researchers to cultivate equity and confront systemic inequity, to reshape how classrooms and communities function and who they serve, to frame intellect as a treasure and access to resources as an inherent right. It is our mission to help humankind thrive by uplifting knowledge and empowering truth.
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Find Your Place
UCLA Ed&IS provides pathways for all. Let's see where you fit.


The UCLA Ed&IS Department of Education is a fearless trailblazer.

Forever championing diversity of thought, social justice, and the democratization of knowledge. It is our belief that education can transform and advance culture.
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Where Education Comes to Life
UCLA Ed&IS is the only global public research university that began as a teachers' college, and we're UCLA's longest running school.

With over a century of experience in championing bold new viewpoints in education, the Department is a renowned leader in the study and practice of urban education, student testing and assessment, teacher and continuing education and development — particularly in urban communities and multi-ethnic environments. We’re esteemed for our focus on early childhood development, including issues of access, equity and quality that face K-12 and higher education. In the Department's research centers, groundbreaking research is more than a concept — it’s a plan of action.


Degrees Awarded

The Department of Education offers numerous degrees in rigorous, interdisciplinary programs that provide flexibility for a diverse student body united by its passion for education.


A Culture of Challenging Convention

Here, we value imagination over convention and empathy over exclusivity.
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Our undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, staff and alumni form a cohesive and dynamic unit with the shared goal of cultivating real-world change from revolutionary educational thinking. In our community no idea is too new, no obstacle is insurmountable and no student is unteachable. The imagination and empathy of our community drive incredible results, altering individual and collective pathways in education for the better, for all.

The Department of Education was named the nation’s #3 graduate school of education in U.S. News and World Report’s 2021 rankings of American Graduate Educational Institutions and is consistently the top public research school of education on a national level.

Graduate Students Association of Education
The GSAE is responsible for student programming of events as well as representation of student issues on school and department committees.
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