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UCLA Education Expertise Looks at Critical Race Theory

A report released in January by UCLA Professor of Education John Rogers and co-author Mica Pollock, a professor of education studies at UC San Diego, surveyed nearly 300 educators and 21 equity officers, and analyzed 10,000 news articles about Critical Race Theory (CRT) between September 2020 and August 2021. A majority of survey respondents reported efforts in their districts to restrict or ban lessons on race and efforts to increase diversity, equity, and inclusion.

“We saw a lot of fear and descriptions of self censorship, as well as administrators cautioning educators to tiptoe around certain topics,” said Pollock in a recent EdWeek article. “We found folks who had been experiencing very personalized harassment, particularly as administrators of color working at the district level.”

“People in those local communities that have experienced dramatic demographic change, have to grapple with what it means to tell stories of America’s present and America’s past and America’s future in new sorts of ways,” Professor Rogers said in the article. “And I think that’s challenging to do. And so I think, in those communities, when they don’t feel comfortable with how stories are being told, they are vulnerable to hearing messages about conflict, and then responding in problematic ways.”

During 2020-2021, nearly 900 school districts across the United States, representing 35% of all K-12 students, have been affected by local district versions of an intentional campaign to restrict or “ban” what opponents have caricatured as K12 “Critical Race Theory.”

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