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UCLA Civil Rights Project Co-Director Gary Orfield Addresses Supreme Court Decision to Hear Cases on Race-Conscious Admissions in Higher Education

By John McDonald

NEPC Interview asks, “ Is Affirmative Action in College Admissions Gone for Good?”  

The United States Supreme Court has agreed to hear  cases related to race-conscious admissions policies at the University of North Carolina and Harvard.  Civil Rights advocates are gravely concerned that given the Courts current make up, affirmative action may be gone for good within the next two years.

“What  will  be  badly  damaged  is  the  ability  of  colleges  to  provide  a  strong,  diverse  education preparing  all  students  to  function effectively  in  a  multiracial  society  with  deep  and  dangerous divisions,” says UCLA Professor and Co-director of the Civil Rights Project Gary Orfield, who has long worked to increase access and opportunity in education.  “We will lose the ability of our institutions to develop the great talents  and  unique understandings  of  students  who  have  not  had  a  fair  chance  and  have  a  great  deal to offer."

Orfield made his comments in an interview regarding the pending cases and the implications for higher education with the National Education Policy Council (NEPC).  You can read the full interview here.