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Bengt Muthen

Professor Emeritus
Bengt Muthen
Moore Hall 405 Hilgard Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90095-1521
Bengt Muthen
Professor Emeritus


  • 1971-77 University of Uppsala, Sweden, Ph.D., Statistics, May 1977
  • 1968-70 University of Uppsala Sweden, B.S., Statistics, November 1970

Teaching & Research Interests

  • Development of applied statistical methodology in areas of education and public health
  • Education applications concerning achievement development while public health applications involve developmental studies in epidemiology and psychology
  • Methodological areas including latent variable modeling, analysis of individual differences in longitudinal data, preventive intervention studies, analysis of categorical data, multilevel modeling, and the development of statistical software

Select Publications

Muthén , B. (2004). Latent variable analysis: Growth mixture modeling and related techniques for longitudinal data. In D. Kaplan (ed.), Handbook of quantitative methodology for the social sciences. Newbury Park, CA: Sage Publications, pp. 345-368.

Muthén, B., Jo, B. & Brown, H. (2003). Comment on the Barnard, Frangakis, Hill & Rubin article, Principal stratification approach to broken randomized experiments: A case study of school choice vouchers in New York City. Journal of the American Statistical Association, 98, 311-314.

Muthén, B., Khoo, S.T., Francis, D. & Kim Boscardin, C. (2003). Analysis of reading skills development from Kindergarten through first grade: An application of growth mixture modeling to sequential processes. Multilevel Modeling: Methodological Advances, Issues, and Applications. S.R. Reise & N. Duan (Eds). Mahaw, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, pp. 71-89.

Jo, B. & Muthén, B. (2003). Longitudinal studies with intervention and noncompliance: Estimation of causal effects in growth mixture modeling. In N. Duan and S. Reise (Eds.), Multilevel Modeling: Methodological Advances, Issues, and Applications, Multivariate Applications Book Series, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, pp. 112-139.

Harford, T.C., Wechsler, H. & Muthen, B.O. (2003). Alcohol-related aggression and drinking at off-campus parties and bars: A national study of current drinkers in college. Journal of Studies on Alcohol, 64, 704-711.