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Core Lower-Division Courses (EDUC 10, 11, and 35)

  • First Pass-open to Education Pre-Majors
  • Second Pass-open to Education Pre-Majors
  • Restriction will be lifted at 8:00am on the day following the last second pass enrollment appointment so any students may enroll in any open seats

Upper-Division Courses-check your specific program listed below:

Education and Social Transformation Majors

  • First Pass and Second Pass enrollment available for all Education upper-division courses

Education and Social Transformation Pre-Majors

  • Second Pass enrollment available for all Education upper-division courses (except EDUC 180 and EDUC 181)

Education Studies Minors

  • Second Pass enrollment available for all Education upper-division courses (except EDUC 180 and EDUC 181)

Information and Media Literacy Minors

  • Second Pass enrollment available for the following Education upper-division courses only: 105C, 107A, 109A, 109B, M121, 126, M131C, 133, M135, 137, 144

Science Education Minors

  • Second Pass enrollment available for the following Education upper-division courses only: M102, M103, 104A, 105B, 106A, 107A, 107B, M108, C111, 123, 126, M131A, 132, M136, 141, 147

Visual and Performing Arts Education Minors

  • Second Pass enrollment available for all Education upper-division courses (except EDUC 180 and EDUC 181)

General Chemistry BS

  • Second Pass enrollment available for the following Education upper-division courses only: M102, 105B, 106A, 107B, M108, 126, 132

Students not affiliated with any of the above listed programs

  • All restrictions on Education upper-division courses (except EDUC 180 and EDUC 181) will be lifted at 8:00 am on the day following the last second pass enrollment appointment time so any students may enroll in any remaining open seats

Permission to Enroll (PTE) Policy

For undergraduate courses, Education Department faculty will not issue PTE numbers except for classes where the enrollment is restricted to instructor consent. Students may place themselves on the wait list of full sections.

The Tentative Course Schedule indicates the courses the Department of Education plans to offer for a given academic year. Please note that all courses are tentative until the finalized schedule of classes is published by the Registrar’s Office. 

Important Notes

  • The course offerings, meeting times, and locations are subject to change by the department without notice. Please refer to the schedule of classes on the Registrar’s Office website for the most up-to-date information about a course.
  • Final course offerings for a given term are confirmed when the schedule of classes is officially released via the Registrar’s Office website.
  • Use the Education and Social Transformation Major Checklist to determine which courses will count towards the program. 

View the Tentative Course Schedule for 2022-2023

View the Tentative Course Schedule for 2023-2024

The undergraduate student petitions for the School of Education and Information Studies are available here. All the forms are PDF documents that undergraduate students may complete and submit to our office. Please make sure that all your documents are legible. More information about petitions and the review process can be found in the student handbook. 

Please note that all petitions submitted to the Ed&IS Office of Student Services are not guaranteed approval and petitions may be denied. All petitions require 10-15 business days to be reviewed unless otherwise noted on the petition form. Petitions are reviewed in the order they are submitted.  

If you are unsure of what type of petition you need to submit or have questions about the petition process, please see a Ed&IS Undergraduate Advisor/Counselor or send our office a message via MyUCLA Message center.  

Petition Submission 

Please submit the completed forms and all necessary documents via MyUCLA Message Center. Please note that you must log in to MyUCLA when submitting your petition. Any anonymous submissions will not be accepted.  

Remember to rename your documents to include your name, UID, and petition type before submitting them.   

  • Last Name, First Name (UID) – Petition Type  
  • Example: Bruin, Joe (000000000) – Minor Substitution  

Once received, our office will reply to the message confirming receipt of your petition. The results will be posted on your MyUCLA Petitions page after the department has completed reviewing your request. We will not send a MyUCLA Message with the results. It is the student’s responsibility to check the MyUCLA Petitions page.  

Student Handbook

For information on current policies and program requirements, please review the 2023-2024 Undergraduate Student Handbook here. The handbook also includes important information about academic and health resources in campus that can help students better navigate UCLA.

Previous Undergraduate Student Handbooks can be found here.

Academic Resources 

  • Contract Courses Handout – Explains the difference between the various types of contract courses 
  • 2023 Graduate Checklist – A checklist for graduating students 

Other resources 


  • How to Send a MyUCLA Message – Instructional video that explains how to send a MyUCLA Message to Ed&IS Undergraduate Programs  
  • How to Create a Contract Course – Instructional video that explains how to generate an academic contract for a course and submit it to the Education Department 


Maura Morales

Public Affairs & Education Studies Minor

Are there any words of wisdom you would like to share with current undergraduate students?

As I near the end of my time as an undergrad, a professor in the Education school gave me a powerful pep talk. They reminded me that while history is crucial, what’s ahead matters most. We students are the ones who can make a real difference. Through our studies and research, we’re figuring out how to change things for the better. I’ve always taken this responsibility seriously, and I’m sure you do too. You’re in your position to make a difference.


Laila Shaaban

Education and Social Transformation and Environmental Science & Environmental Systems and Society Minor

What is a highlight from your academic journey?

Interning at the UCLA Lab School and getting to help develop environmental education projects.


Amber Rivera-Munoz

Psychology & Education Minor

Her words of wisdom to undergrads is: “Take advantage of every resource UCLA has, because our time is limited and we pay so much on tuition. Have so much fun and enjoy every moment you spend with your friends because those are the moments you will look back on when graduating. Lastly, if you can study abroad, make it happen; believe me, it is worth it.

Academic FAQs

The major in Education and Social Transformation offers a comprehensive curriculum where students are required to take a set of courses to meet the program learning outcomes developed for the major. The Education Studies minor allows students to take a subset of the courses offered for the major but allows much more flexibility.

Students interested in the major will first need to complete two prerequisite courses. Then, they will take six courses for the three Areas of Competency (two courses each in Histories and Philosophies of Education; Contexts of Teaching, Learning, and Development; and Inquiry and Design for Learning), take an Orientation to Community Engagement course, take one Community Engagement course, take the Capstone course, and one additional course in Education.

The Education Studies minor requires a student to take seven Education courses from the approved list, one of which may be lower-division. With the minor, you have discretion to choose from many of the education courses and it can serve as an excellent complement to your major program of study.

If you have taken EDUC 10 or EDUC 11 and EDUC 35, you have fulfilled the pre-requisite courses for the major. You may apply to the Education and Social Transformation major as long as you meet all other admission requirements and are not beyond Fall of your third year of study as a freshman admit.

Unfortunately, you are unable to apply for the new Education and Social Transformation major. Students must meet all admission requirements and apply by Fall of the third year to be in the major. Our department strongly enforces our admission requirements.

If you would still like to pursue a program in education, we strongly recommend applying for the Education Studies minor if you meet the minor admission requirements and are able to complete the minor requirements prior to graduation. The deadline to apply for the Education Studies minor is the Spring of your third year.

The pre-major can be declared without completing an Education course. However, the major can only be declared after completing EDUC 10 or 11 and EDUC 35 with a C or better. 

Once you have met all admission requirements, you can submit the online application to officially declare the Education and Social Transformation pre-major or major. Students must complete the full admission process to officially declare the Education and Social Transformation pre-major/major. More information about the admission process can be found under the Admission section of the major website.

Students need to have completed an Education course earning a grade of “C” or better, have at least Sophomore standing at UCLA, and have a minimum 2.3 cumulative GPA. Only students who meet all the admission requirements may be offered admission to the minor. Interested students must apply to the Education Studies minor by the spring of their third year.

An application will be made available each regular term to be admitted for the following regular academic term. The online application will open on the first day of instruction and will close at 5pm on Friday of Week 2 of the quarter. Application results will be sent via MyUCLA Message Center by Friday of Week 3. If admitted, students are sent instructions and additional forms that must be submitted by Friday of Week 4 in order to accept our offer of admission.  

Failure to submit the necessary forms by the deadline will be taken as a rejection of the offer of admission. Students are welcome to apply in future admission cycles as long as they continue to meet all admission requirements. 

The application is available in Fall, Winter, and Spring. The link to the online application will be posted on the major or minor web page on the first day of the quarter.

Each term, the application process will be for admission to the following term.

*Submission of Plan of Study and other necessary forms is acceptance of admission. Failure to return Plan of Study and other necessary forms by the deadline means you will not be coded as a student in the Department of Education for the program you applied to (minor, pre-major or major).

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