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Endowed Chairs

A legacy investment in our faculty work to shape a better future for our nation’s knowledge sector.
Endowed Chairs are one of the most prestigious giving traditions in universities across the United States. At UCLA, our unprecedented success and excellence during UCLA’s first century (1919 to 2019) has been made possible by the endowed chairs established by our many friends and donors.

Over the past year 2020, the pandemic has highlighted the need for our UCLA experts to provide more relevant and equitable K-12 educational models. The 2020 Civil Rights Movement has demonstrated the importance of our continued work and leadership in this area. The emerging issues around the internet and society and this expanding field of public interest technology are areas where we are already at the forefront. Join us in making a difference in these areas and other critical areas for our national and global information and education work.

UCLA has a responsibility to be at the very forefront of these issues and the gifts of our Endowed Chair donors lights the way to make great strides in knowledge possible.

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