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Sarah Roberts

Associate Professor, Gender Studies
UCLA Associate Professor of Information Studies Sarah T. Roberts
Sarah Roberts
Sarah Roberts
Associate Professor, Gender Studies
Research Center


Assistant Professor of Information Studies


  • Ph.D., Library and Information Science, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • M.A., Library and Information Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • B.A., French, Spanish; Certificate of Women’s Studies, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Teaching & Research Interests

  • Information work and workers
  • Library and information organizational management
  • IT infrastructure and planning
  • Social media and the Internet

Select Publications

Roberts, S.T. (2016). Digital refuse: Canadian garbage, commercial content moderation and the global circulation of social media’s waste. Wi: Journal of Mobile Media, 10(1), p. 1-18.

Roberts, S.T. and Noble, S.U. (2016). Empowered to name, inspired to act: Social responsibility and diversity as calls to action in the LIS context. Library Trends, 64(3), p. 512-532. DOI: 10.1353/lib.2016.0008

Roberts, S.T. (2016). In/visibility. In Letters & Handshakes (Eds.), Surplus3: Labour and the Digital. Toronto: Letters & Handshakes.

Roberts, S.T. (2016). Commercial content moderation: Digital laborers’ dirty work. In Noble, S.U. and Tynes, B. (Eds.), The intersectional internet: Race, sex, class and culture online. New York: Peter Lang.

Noble, S. & Roberts, S. T. (2016). Through Google-Colored Glass(es): Design, Emotion, Class, and Wearables as Commodity and Control. In S. Tettegah & S. Noble (Eds.), Emotions, Technology & Design. pp. 187-210. San Diego: Elsevier Academic Press.