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University Women’s Leadership Academy for Mid-Career Professionals

Empowering Courageous Leaders of Change
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Mission of the Academy

In this time of social and demographic changes across universities, exceptional leadership is critical. But, women's efforts to reach higher levels of university leadership have slowed in the past 20 years. Research suggests that women face socio-cultural and structural barriers to leadership in higher education.

The University Women's Leadership Academy is designed for mid-career professionals who want to expand their leadership and value to their universities. The program re-imagines the roles and impact of women in their current and future university positions.

Content of the Academy focuses on expanding knowledge about the overt and covert university and on honing leadership capacities. Activities and instruction are led by experts from varied universities in areas that include human resources, academic personnel, business, student affairs, departmental leadership challenges, information technology, and operations. Leadership skills that are emphasized include facilitation, career-building, negotiation, mentoring and sponsoring, self-advocacy, problem-solving, and collaborating for change.

The academy champions equity, diversity, and inclusion. An overarching goal is to support leaders who are empowered to identify and harness strengths to build university cultures that are more inclusive and equitable.

The central objectives of the University Women's Leadership Academy are to:

  • Enhance the value of university women's voices and contributions
  • Engage women in developing and sustaining institutional change
  • Expand women's capacity to lead
  • Enlarge women's ability to navigate the open and hidden university
  • Encourage professional options in wide-ranging roles across the university
  • Embrace equity, diversity, and inclusion across the university
  • Elevate women's self-confidence and self-advocacy
  • Engage collaboratively with others in a community of women to develop professional opportunities and resources  

The Academy highlights learning virtually in small and larger groups and in mentor circles to promote interaction and support between participants.


  • Six Saturday mornings, 9 a.m. - 1 p.m.
    January 22, February 5, March 5, April 2, May 7, June 25
  • Six Thursday evenings, 6:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
    January 27, February 24, March 24, April 28, May 26, June 16

Why Participate in UCLA University Women’s Leadership Academy?

The Academy seeks to re-imagine university leadership to include and value the impact and contributions of women. Through exploration of professional challenges and experiences, women leverage their multi-dimensional leadership capacities to effect change. Ultimately, leaders are empowered to identify and harness strengths to build university-related cultures that are more inclusive and equitable.


Mid-career refers to university educators who have had a professional role at their universities for more than five years and would like to expand their leadership options. Work experience of participants has ranged from approximately five to several dozen years.

Leadership is transformative and not transactional. It takes place across many roles and in many places in the university. It may be positional or personal and involves social or organizational processes in influencing others to achieve a goal.

Guiding Values

  1. University women leaders designed the Academy and provide ongoing consultation to assist the program to meet the needs of mid-career women
  2. Provide content that examines observable and hidden university elements and connects these to women's voices, core values, and capacities
  3. Assist women to expand their own leadership and to support the leadership of others
  4. Increase the value that women professionals bring to their universities 
  5. Enhance the ability to promote equity, diversity, and inclusion at the university
  6. Understand varied professional roles in public, private, liberal arts, state, and research universities



Learning is social. Participants learn from experiences with others in Academy discussions and in mentor circles.

Learning develops from case studies, readings related to leadership, developing voice, interviewing, career development processes and best practices in university units.

Understanding the roles and functions across the university that differ from participants' current roles as unit directors, executive directors, student affairs leaders, faculty, assistant deans and others.

Understand how to make university culture more equitable. This includes learning about budgetary and fiscal practices, strategic decision making, operations, human resources, academic personnel and talent development, student affairs and information technology.

Learning about career options and developing resources for future positions.

Linda Rose, Ph.D., Founder University Women's Leadership Academy

UCLA University Women’s Leadership Academy for Mid-Career Women

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