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UCLA Professional Leadership and Coaching Academy

The academy is committed to refining individuals' leadership and coaching identities in order to provide equitable and relationship-centered support in systems. We welcome applicants from education and non-education based fields.

Coaches Supporting Coaches

A leadership community centered around equity, relationships, and supporting the personal and professional growth of others.
  • Join a community of leaders from diverse backgrounds committed to refining leadership and coaching identities aimed at providing equitable and relationship-centered support within systems.
  • Learn more about your own personal and social identities so that you can support others in relevant, trusting, and equitable ways.
UCLA Professional Leadership and Coaching Academy is an intentionally diverse online academy designed to build cognition and center voices through relationships and equity consciousness. Participants will explore personal and social identities, trauma sensitivity, trust, and conflict, as related to individual and systems work. Learning and networking will be generative as participants develop their leadership and coaching skills, tools and resources.

Our Commitment

  • Equitable and relationship-centered coaching
  • Navigating growth and learning individually, collectively, and through systems
  • Brave and safe spaces are intentionally designed to encourage psychological safety, interpersonal trust, and diverse and divergent thinking and feeling.

Our work is informed by the following themes:

  • Exploring identity through cultural mapping and intentional storytelling and how identity impacts all of our interactions
  • Developing interpersonal trust and psychological safety for diverse individuals in order to explore issues of equity, justice, and inclusion
  • Awareness of systems thinking and the impact of systems on individual and group 


Participants will complete the Professional Leadership and Coaching Academy with:

  • A refined coaching identity with developed consciousness in becoming a more effective leader to provide equitable and relationship-centered support based in systems thinking principles.
  • A generative coaching plan based on the participant’s development in a coaching continuum that reflects each participant’s unique strengths and systems. 
  • A resource toolkit for personal and professional growth i.e. website, TedTalk, a guide to resources.
  • Knowledge of and application for different adult learning theories, the neuroscience of coaching, and socio-cultural theories
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Program Information 2023

Join us for the 2023 Academy

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Director, Professional Development and Partnerships

Carrie Usui Johnson

Program Administration
Office of Student Affairs

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