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UCLA Ed&IS History

What began as a Teacher's College in downtown Los Angeles, grew into one of the top public research universities in the nation.

UCLA Ed&IS’ roots

Blue tinted vintage photo of Royce Hall and Powell Library
UCLA Ed&IS’ roots
The origin of the State Normal School, beginnings of teacher education in Los Angeles and the first days of the School of Library Service


In 1880, Los Angeles was a gaslit pueblo with a population of 11,000. Leaders of the expanding city tried to convince the state to establish a second State Normal School in Southern California, to resemble the original one existing 300 miles to the north in San Jose.


In 1882, the Los Angeles branch of the State Normal School, the usual term for an institution devoted to teacher education, opened its doors for instruction. Students who wanted to be teachers were the first to attend what is now one of the world’s pre-eminent universities.

Powell Library in the 1940s
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Royce Hall lit up for UCLA's Centennial Celebration
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