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A Decade for Giving — The Scholarship Campaign for UCLA Ed&IS

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Scholarship giving for Education & Information students are messages of hope for the future.

The Decade for Giving Scholarship Campaign is a perfect opportunity for our alumni and friends to join together in making a difference for UCLA Education & Information Studies students who are pursuing their future careers as educators, education researchers, librarians, archivists, and information professionals.

UCLA Ed&IS has a deeply generous community of friends, donors, and alumni. Over the past decades, you have given an amazing number of scholarships to reduce the cost of studies for our students each year. UCLA Education & Information Studies is truly honored to have over 56 Named Endowed Scholarships and 16 Named Annual Scholarships.

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Impact and Inspire

So many of our UCLA Ed&IS students are in great need of financial support. A majority of our students have chosen future careers as teachers, researchers, librarians and information professionals—where often their salaries will be low but their impact will be immeasurable.

Scholarships Aimed at Recruiting and Retaining Black, Latinx, Asian or Pacific Islander and Indigenous Students
Increasing our School’s Diversity

Diversity in our community is critical for fulfilling our equity mission and enriching our community’s diverse educational and work experiences.

Our libraries and schools are in great need of professionals who represent the communities they serve. One of the School’s highest priorities in the coming years will be to recruit the best and brightest Black, Latinx, Asian or Pacific Islander, and Indigenous students for our undergraduate and graduate programs.

In alignment with the School’s commitment to advancing access and building a student body diverse in background and perspective, Ed&IS seeks an influx of scholarships for Black, Latinx, Asian or Pacific Islander, and Indigenous students.

Graduate Student Scholarships
Expanding the Boundaries of our Research

Increasing our capacity to offer substantial graduate scholarships will enable us to recruit the most promising graduate students. Ed&IS often cannot match the financial packages provided by some universities without the help of generous scholarship support.

Graduate scholarships are essential for graduate students’ careers and empower them to do their most innovative work alongside our expert faculty. For our graduate students in both Information Studies and Education, we are enhancing and expanding our research work and our programs to reflect the growing need for educators and information specialists in our global community.

Scholarships for Students Pursuing Professional Degrees
Preparing Social Justice Teachers, Librarians, and Leaders

UCLA Ed&IS aims to contribute to the creation of a more just, equitable, and humane society through enlightened and socially conscious professional degree programs. These are informed by an ethic of social justice, where teaching and leadership development are analyzed through the lens of equity, access, diversity and human dignity. The Masters in Library and Information Science, Educational Leadership Program, and Student Affairs and Transformative Coaching and Leadership programs prepare our students to be exceptional educators and leaders in urban settings.

UCLA Community School Student Scholarships
Supporting Our Young People at UCLA’s K-12 Partner Schools

The UCLA School of Education and Information Studies invites you to join us in supporting the college access and success of the youngest members of our Bruin community: the high school seniors and recent graduates from our K-12 partner schools: UCLA Community School and Mann UCLA Community School.

Too many of our Community School students work hard to be admitted to universities and colleges and then end up being financially challenged to attend. UCLA Community School Scholarships will provide college scholarships for high school seniors at Mann UCLA Community School in South Los Angeles and UCLA Community School in Pico-Union to attend a two or four-year college.

To learn more about our community schools click here.

You can choose to give in any of the following ways:

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Our philanthropic partners help us achieve our goals. Let's succeed together.