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Noreen Webb

Vice Chair, Department of Education; Professor
Noreen Webb, Professor in the Department of Education
Noreen Webb
Noreen Webb
Vice Chair, Department of Education; Professor
Teaching and Research Interests


  • Distinguished Professor of Education
  • Vice Chair, Department of Education


  • Ph.D., Educational Psychology, Stanford University, 1978
  • M.S., Statistics, Stanford University, 1977
  • B.A., Mathematics, Swarthmore College, 1973


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Webb, N. M. (2013). Information processing approaches to collaborative learning (pp. 19-40).  In C. E. Hmelo-Silver, C. A. Chinn, C. K. K. Chan, & A. O’Donnell. (Eds.), The International Handbook of Collaborative Learning. Taylor & Francis, Inc.

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