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Minjeong Jeon

Minjeong Jeon, Professor
Minjeong Jeon
Minjeong Jeon


  • Ph.D., Quantitative Methods and Evaluation, University of California, Berkeley
  • M.A., Statistics, University of California, Berkeley
  • M.A., Quantitative Methods, Measurement and Evaluation, Yonsei University
  • B.A., Education and Sociology, Yonsei University

Teaching & Research Interests

Jeon's research revolves around developing, applying, and estimating a variety of latent variable models for studying measurement and growth. She also has a keen interest in developing efficient computational algorithms and software packages. Research topics include respondent-item network analysis, dynamic feedback process modeling, and joint modeling of behavioral and biological process data.

255C: Advanced seminar on statistical modeling with latent variables
255C: Advanced seminar on cross-classified multilevel modeling
231A: Toolkit for Advanced quantitative methodology research

Select Publications

  • Jeon, M., Rijmen, F., & Rabe-Hesketh, S. (2018). CFA models with a general factor and multiple sets of secondary factors. Psychometrika, 83, 785-808.
  • Jin, I-H. & Jeon, M. (2018). [co-first-authors] A doubly latent space joint model for the analysis of item response data. Psychometrika. 84, 236-260.
  • Jeon, M. & De Boeck, P. (2019). An analysis of an item response strategy based on knowledge retrieval. Behavior Research Methods., 51, 697-719.
  • Jeon, M., Kaufman, C. & Rabe-Hesketh, S. (2019). Monte Carlo local likelihood approximation. Biostatistics, 20, 164–179.

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