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Frederick Erickson

Professor Emeritus
Frederick Erickson
Frederick Erickson
Professor Emeritus


Ph.D., Northwestern University, 1969

Teaching & Research Interests

  • Organization and conduct of face to face interaction
  • Sociolinguistic discourse analysis
  • Ethnographic research methods
  • Study of social interaction as a learning environment

Select Publications

  • Talk and social theory: Ecologies of speaking and listening in everyday life. Cambridge UK: Polity Press. 2004.
  • Culture in society and in educational practices. Revised chapter in J. Banks and C. M. Banks (eds.) Multicultural Education: Issues and perspectives. (5th edition) New York: John Wiley. 2004.
  • Origins: A brief intellectual and technical history of the emergence of multimodal discourse analysis. In P. Levine and R. Scollon (eds.) 2004.
  • Discourse and technology: Multimodal discourse analysis. Washington DC: Georgetown University Press. 2004.

VIDEOS: Talk and Social Theory: Ecologies of Speaking and Listening in Everyday Life