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Bill Purdy

Education Lecturer
Bill Purdy
Bill Purdy
Education Lecturer


Ph.D., Higher Education and Organizational Change, UCLA, 2016

M.A., Higher Education and Organizational Change, UCLA, 2003

J.D., Florida State University, 2000

B.A., History and English, University of Florida, 1997

Research Interests

My research centers on the history of higher education, especially in the Western United States, higher education and the law, and higher education policy analysis, especially concerning financial aid.

Selected Publications

Purdy, W.C. (2018). Higher Education and a Living, Diverse Democracy: An Overview. Diversity & Democracy. Fall 2018.

Franke, R., & Purdy, W.C. (2012). Student Financial Aid in the United States. Effects of higher education reforms change dynamics (pp. 153-184). Rotterdam: SensePublishers.

McDonough, P.M., Calderone, S.M., & Purdy, W.C. (2007).  State Grants and Their Effects on Students’ College Choices.  Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE): Boulder, Colorado.