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SRM Evaluation and Assessment Group

The SRM Evaluation and Assessment Group is part of the Social Research Methodology Division (SRM) of the University of California, Los Angeles School of Education and Information Studies. The group is led by Professors Marvin Alkin, Christina Christie, and José Felipe Martinez, with other affiliated faculty and a cadre of graduate students with advanced training in quantitative and qualitative research methods and design, and a common interest in program evaluation and performance assessment as areas of professional practice, and academic research.

Evaluation and Assessment Practice: The SRM Evaluation and Assessment Group engages in projects serving clients ranging from small non-profits, to large research teams, school districts, and institutions.

Academic Research: The faculty and students hold regular seminar sessions to engage in in-depth exploration of evaluation and assessment issues framed within theory-practice concerns These are the stimulus and basis for doctoral dissertations, and conceptual and empirical papers on program evaluation theory and practice; performance assessment; applied psychometrics and sociometrics; and mixed/multiple methods research, among others.

Affiliated Faculty and Interests

Marvin Alkin: Evaluation theory; problems of evaluating educational programs; stakeholder involvement, evaluation utilization, use, and influence; organizational capacity-building.

Christina Christie: Applied evaluation studies and research on evaluation practice, theories of evaluation; mixed evaluation and research methods; continuous improvement.

José Felipe Martinez: Performance assessment; measures of school and classroom instructional climate and practice; program implementation; survey methods; portfolio and observation scoring protocols; teacher evaluation and development systems.

Kristen Rohanna: Applied evaluation studies, improvement science, continuous improvement and organizational learning, mixed evaluation design and research methods.