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Graduate Students Association of Education

UCLA dorms from a bird's eye view

The Graduate Students Association in Education (GSAE) is responsible for student programming of events as well as representation of student issues on various committees. GSAE is made up of co-chairs and graduate student representatives from each division and program in the Department of Education.

GSAE meets three times a quarter to discuss student issues and organize student programming across the Department of Education. 

GSAE co-chairs and division/program representatives sit on a variety of committees within the Department of Education, including but not limited to the Education Executive Committee, the School's Faculty Executive Committee, the School's Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee, the Committee on Degrees, Admissions, and Standards, and the Undergraduate Advisory Council, as well as committees across campus like the Graduate Student Association Forum, the Graduate Student Elections Committee, and the GSA Graduate Writing Center-Oversight Committee. 

GSAE is here to serve the Department of Education student body and work together to create a more just, equitable, and inclusive community.    

Reach out with any questions, concerns, or suggestions via email at and follow us on Facebook!

GSAE Co-Chairs

One co-chair represents every 200 enrolled graduate students in the Department of Education. GSAE co-chairs work closely together with division and program representatives to support and enhance graduate students’ educational and co-curricular experiences in the Department of Education. GSAE co-chairs also work closely with the department chair and faculty to address student issues affecting our diverse student body. This is a one-year commitment. Those eligible to run or be nominated for GSAE co-chairs a) must have served as a student representative and b) have served at least two (2) quarters as a student representative for their respective division. 

Student Division or Program Representative

For each 20 enrolled graduate students in a program or division, there is one representative. GSAE student representatives are responsible for organizing social/professional events to enhance student experiences. They also work closely with GSAE and faculty leaders to address student concerns. GSAE student representatives are responsible for attending division faculty meetings and GSAE meetings throughout the academic year. This is a one-year commitment.